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Dog Behaviorist, Dog Consultant & Dog Trainer

           *Consulting *Group training*Mobile Training*Dog walking*Dog sitting

          Relationship-based training methods for a trusting, obedient dog

·         * Service/Companion dog training

         *  Relieve separation anxiety

·         *   Tame destructive or aggressive behavior

·         * Build polite social habits.

         *Remove unwanted behaviors.

         *Teach basic command

         * learn how to teach YOUR dogs to respond to basic commands.

         *Learn how to communicate in away your dog understand.

     Your pet  will not just be a pet they will be family, and we would love to add to our pack. They will go through training throughout the day. They get to spend time with their friends  and make new ones along the way. They will have indoor/outdoor activates, socialization, safe haven and exercise. Studies show  socialization during puppies show that dogs who are deprived of socialization during puppyhood are more prone to aggression, so let Mecole`s Mobile Dog School family help yours and join ours....



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