I train puppy/dogs using a relationship based training  method  meaning we use your puppy/dogs  cooperation which is built on trust and respect. Which will be self rewarding to help change unwanted behaviors like potty training..pulling on leash, come when called, barking, biting, chewing. and many more unwanted behaviors. We don't  just train your puppy/dog, but we also make training fun for you and your puppy/ dog.   By using a verbal marker and motivational method based on communication, consistency which will build the trust and respect that is required for  the proper training of your puppy/dog. Improving communication will get a better understanding of what your puppy/dog is asking of you, the needs he/she needs or want and just a better quality of life for you and your  puppy/dog to live in a happier and healthier lifestyle you and your puppy/dog will love.


CATCH Certified

Dog Behaviorist, Dog Consultant & Dog Trainer

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