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Obedience Training

Effective and Successful Dog Obedience Training Near Me

There are several reasons why a person may seek out dog obedience training. For many, it can be a need to work through basic skills and training. Having a courteous and respectful dog starts with fundamental dog obedience training. At Mecole's Mobile Dog School, this means working through basic commands such as, "sit, stay, down, and come". Having this basic arsenal of commands can help not only create a well behaved dog, but it can help keep your pet safe. You and your dog will form a bond working together where your dog will learn to trust your commands. He or she will then regularly look to you for the next step or movement. In some scenarios, this could end up protecting your dog, or even saving his or her life. Dog obedience training can only help to strengthen the bond and relationship you have with your dog.

Dogs are very smart and can often learn hundreds of words and commands. Working through new training and behaviors can be a rewarding experience for both you and your dog. Obedience training can become quite advanced, beyond the basic fundamentals. Obedience training can move into complicated maneuvers for your dog, and can even be a skill competition all on its own. Obedience training is the perfect way to spend quality time with your pet. There are several learned behaviors that can set your dog up for success in social and public settings, or other behaviors that can put your dog to work. Obedience training is great for service animals, therapy pets, or even working farm dogs.

Obedience training doesn't have to be about learning new skills, but can also be about changing learned behaviors. For several breeds, such as terriers, instincts are bred very deep into the dog and are a part of the dog's personality. Unfortunately, some of these instinctual behaviors can lead to troublesome problems, such as howling, jumping or digging. For many people, these behaviors are destructive and difficult to deal with, so they turn to a professional dog behaviorist for help. There are several different teaching methods that can be used to help retrain and train dog instincts. Many of the ways to train dog instincts are based on reworking instinct, rather than reprogramming them. Once you realize that you will never change or break the instinct, you can work to help find a positive outlet for the instinct, redirecting the energy into a positive outlet. Together with Mecole's Mobile Dog School, we are happy to find creative and innovative solutions to channel your dog's instinctual behavior into a positive and non-destructive outlet.

If you are searching for "dog obedience training near me" be sure to reach out to a professional and caring dog school. Before selecting a school and trainer, learn about their training methods. You never want to use a trainer that is strict, harsh, or uses physical commands. Dog training should be enjoyable and fun, and it should be about building respect between the owner and dog, and never fear. A dog should want to listen to his or her owner because he or she trusts him, not because he is afraid of the repercussions. Luckily, the team at Mecole's Mobile Dog School only uses positive reinforcement to encourage a fun and light training atmosphere. If you are searching for "dog obedience training near me" turn to the professionals at Mecole's Mobile Dog School for successful and effective dog obedience solutions.

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