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House Training a Puppy

The Best Dog Behaviorist Sacramento Offers

Getting a new puppy is an exciting and wonderful time. Not only is a new puppy an exciting new addition to your family, but a puppy is a chance to start to build a lasting relationship that will last for years. Puppies are simply balls of energy, filled with fun and adventure. Unfortunately, sometimes this energy and sense of wonderment can be destructive. Puppies are similar to children, and just don't know any better until someone helps to teach them the proper way to behave. Many people reach out to Mecole's Mobile Dog School to help with puppy training. At our obedience school, we are happy to help with the fundamentals needed, so that your puppy grows into a respectful and well behaved adult dog. Puppy training should be short and fun. We understand that, like children, puppies have a limited attention span, so training needs to be performed in short segments throughout the day.

One of the biggest concerns with getting a new puppy is house training a puppy. For new pet owners, the first step with house training a puppy is accepting that accidents are going to happen. It isn't possible to maintain a perfectly clean home, and you aren't going to be available and ready to get your puppy outside 100% of the time. Once you accept this, you can start moving toward consistency. House training a puppy is all about repetition and reward. Once your puppy eats or drinks, immediately take your puppy outside. You want to instill the practice of going to the bathroom outdoors, and not in your home. Next, when your puppy goes to the bathroom outside, you want to offer plenty of praise. If necessary, give treats to reward your dog for a job well done. When it comes to house training a puppy, you want the experience to be positive.

Too often, people will resort to punishment for their puppy if they have an accident in the house. The unfortunate part about this is often it is the owner's mistake that they did not take the puppy outdoors soon enough. Yelling at your puppy for an accident also usually takes place well after the crime has been committed, so the puppy fails to make the association between having an accident indoors, and getting yelled at. The team at Mecole's Mobile Dog School is happy to help work with you to house train your puppy. We have several tips and tricks, and are happy to direct you to our online puppy training. With our online puppy training, we have several ideas, tricks, and best practices you can use to help get your puppy house trained. Online puppy training is a great way to have real time answers to your concerns and frustrations from trying to work with your puppy.

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