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5 Benefits of Puppy Training

Has your family adopted a new puppy? Do you have an older puppy who never quite seemed to learn how to properly behave? Puppy training isn’t about restraint and restrictions. It’s about teaching your puppy the behaviors that will enable you and your furry companion to enjoy the best of each other without the need for constant scolding for nuisance behavior. Here are five benefits of puppy training.

1. Furniture and Textiles are Protected

You invested a lot in your home furnishings, textiles and clothing. No one wants to see their favorite shoes torn to pieces or a favorite leather couch scratched and shredded. Puppy training can ensure that your puppy only chews on toys and treats that you give him, and not your favorite possessions. Puppy training includes setting boundaries so that your puppy has a better sense of which things belong to him and which things are off-limits. Furthermore, puppy training includes house training, so your furry companion won’t soil carpets and flooring inside the home.

2. Reduced Liability Vulnerability With Puppy Training

Untrained dogs are more likely to act with dangerous aggression when caught off-guard or even when they feel uncomfortable. A dog bite to a stranger can put you and your family at risk of financial liability or worse. When you invest in puppy training, you’re less vulnerable to such risks since your dog is less likely to be dangerous to others.

3. Happier Integration With Family Members

You may be getting your dog as a puppy, but as time goes on there may be additions to your family, such as a new baby or a live-in elderly parent. Even extended family members will need to be on good terms with your puppy during visits to your home. Puppy training from a young age ensures that newcomers to your home are welcomed with curiosity and caution, not hostility and aggression.

4. Ability to Socialize More

Your dog will be happiest when there is an abundance of public social interaction. Unfortunately, until your puppy learns how to get along with others, socializing will be problematic. With puppy training, your puppy will learn at a young age how to behave with strangers and how to interact with other dogs at the dog park or while out for a walk. Ultimately, a well-behaved dog will have more positive relationships with humans and animals.

5. Better Relationship Between You and Your Dog

Finally, puppy training facilitates a better relationship between you and your dog. You'll be able to enjoy a respectful, yet loving relationship where you are the Alpha and your dog knows who sets the rules. A relationship like this means less scolding and more snuggling!

Every pet owner deserves to have a well-trained puppy, and every puppy deserves the chance to learn how to behave in a loving home. With a small investment in puppy training early on, you and your best friend can look forward to a lifetime of well-mannered and joyful interactions. Call today for more information!

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