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Benefits of Dog School for Your Furry Pal

Dogs are utterly lovable pets, and more often than not, they end up not just being pets but a part of your family. Even when they are meant to be house pets, however, you still might want to give dog school some serious thought and consideration.

Sure, they may not necessarily be gearing up for the Next Best Dog in the dog competitions (but of course you know your dog will always be the Bestest Boy/Girl ever), but there are still plenty of benefits they can enjoy from attending dog school. Here are a few you might want to think about.

Develop Good Dog Manners

Every dog has their own personality traits, just like humans. They may behave, act, or react a certain way when they are around others. Some are more mild-mannered than others, while there are those who are like living, breathing, clingy tornadoes wreaking havoc in your home.

While dog school will not specifically teach your dog not to jump on the couch or bed for a cuddle, they can teach your dog to listen to your commands better–and more importantly, to obey them. Because ultimately, YOU will still be the one to guide and nurture them.

Teach Your Dog About Socialization

Some dogs are terribly shy while others are way too friendly for other dogs’ comfort. When a dog’s action is perceived as threatening by another dog, this could potentially lead to miscommunication, which can then lead to aggressive behavior.

You wouldn’t want your dog to be that one dog that all other dog parents keep their own pets away from at the dog park. Dog school can help them better control their instincts when it comes to dealing or interacting with fellow dogs and other animals.

Keep Your Dog Safe Better

Sometimes, your dog might get too excited at the park, not knowing that they’re already headed out to the open roads. When your dog is able to heed your commands sharply, you can keep them safe better by shouting commands that they can recognize and follow even from afar.

You can shout at them to stop and sit, for example, if you feel like they’re getting away too fast and headed towards a dangerous situation. Commands to “Heel!” or “Come!” can also divert them from further disasters. Ultimately, it will again boil down to how well they can recognize and follow your commands–which is exactly what they will be taught in dog school.

Improved Relationship Between You and Your Dog

Out of all this, the best reason to bring your dog to dog school is that a strong communication with them essentially improves your relationship with them as well. The more they are able to listen to and heed your commands, the more harmonious your relationship will be, because the less stressful it will be taking care of them.

Nurtured well, your dog could very well prove to be your best companion, most loyal friend, and most adorable pet you and your family could have.

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