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Go Fetch!: Teaching Fido How to Fetch

One of the first things people want to do when they get a new puppy is to teach it how to fetch. Teaching Fido how to fetch isn't hard, but it will take a little bit of patience until your furry friend gets the hang of it. In this post, we will go over some simple ways to have your new pup fetching like a pro in no time.

  • First, you should get a new toy for your dog that they can fetch with. It can either be a squeaky toy or a ball or even a stuffed toy, whatever they like to play with the most. Get some treats too, which are always a good incentive when it comes to training. Dogs are pretty particular when it comes to their toys and what toys they will actually fetch. So, if your dog isn't interested in fetching one toy, don't give up. Just try more toys and types of toys until you find the right one.

  • Play with the toy by yourself for a minute or two. Bounce the ball, throw it in the air, do whatever with it until your dog notices you playing with it.

  • Now get your puppy super excited about their new toy and eager to join in on the fun. Move it, shake it, squeak it, and really get your dog pumped up and wanting the toy. Tug-of-war is an excellent game to get your dog a bit riled up and ready to run, chase, and play. Try saying "drop" every time your dog takes the toy until he lets go. When he lets go, give him a treat. This will help the dog adjust to dropping.

  • Once your dog is excited and eager to play with the new toy, they will do just about anything to get it. So, here's your chance. First, throw the toy with a light throw so that it doesn't go very far. If Fido chases after it, he's a quick learner! Once the dog goes to fetch the toy, call him/her back very enthusiastically.

  • Once your pup has retrieved its toy, command them to "drop it" or "leave it." When your dog fetches its toy, brings it back, and drops it, it's time for positive reinforcement. Give the pup his belly rubs, head scratches, and of course, his treat.

  • Once your dog gets the grasp of fetch, start throwing the toy or ball farther and farther.

  • Keep practicing by playing little games of fetch daily until your pup grasps the concept.

Playing fetch with Fido is a great way to get some exercise in and have some fun (for both of you!) Implement these tips to get your puppy playing fetch and open up a whole new level of fun come playtime.

Did we miss any tips or tricks that you used to teach your dog to fetch? Leave a comment below or shoot us a message. We'd love to hear your stories!

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