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How Can one Stop a Dog From Licking its paws?

A dog is a man's best friend. Any behavioral change is easy to notice because you spend so much time with him, and you probably pay closer attention to how he reacts and carries out. If you suddenly see your dog is developing some annoying habit of constantly licking his paws, it becomes destructive. Something could be very wrong.

As a dedicated dog parent, Mecole's Mobile Dog School professional advice is to find out the root cause of the dog licking its paws and stop that habit. Here are some pieces of advice about dog licking paw remedies.

Try a different food diet

It is advisable to get a vet to put your dog on an elimination trial diet. This challenge will be of great help in addressing your dog's food allergy problems. The diet will involve feeding the dog on a simple diet for some weeks until its symptoms disappear. Then, start introducing different ingredients to the dog diet, one at a time. During that process, once you notice your dog has started developing the same problems it was experiencing, it will be the trigger. It may take time, but eventually you will arrest the problem.

Switch the Dog shampoo you use

Shampoos are unlikely to cause itchiness to a dog's paw. However, you need to change and use a different product to help you alleviate all the itchiness effects your dog may be experiencing. Some shampoos are specifically designed to control itchy skin. Additionally, avoid giving your dog a bath too frequently. This can be a reason your dog is experiencing dry skin effects and irritation.

Topical Flea Treatment

All dogs should be treated regularly with preventive flea medication. Fleas typically are a source of ordinarily irritating worms and may infect the dog's coat. Treat your dog regularly to avoid infections that may develop as a result of flea bites.

Buy some Chewing Detergent

Your dog may be chewing its paws when it is anxious, bored, or frustrated by someone. Anxiety is not a medical condition. Therefore, you need to buy some chewing deterrents, safe for his skin and spray his paws. Remember, this remedy is not suitable for a dog with a medical problem, such as a flea allergy. Only use them if you are so sure your dog has no other health problems.

Provide proper chewing toys

Dogs can become frustrated or bored at certain times. It is essential to provide that kind of dog with something to chew and play with to distract him, focus attention on something else, and avoid damaging his paws. Get him a toy which is durable enough to last longer and safe at the same time. Toys filled with treats will require the dog to do a lot of work to reach the treat, which will be ideal.

Address Anxiety problem

In most cases, anxiety problems it needs to be addressed using a trial and error approach until you can arrive at a conclusive way of solving the problem. It is essential to provide your dog with enough exercise, such as taking him out for a walk. This will arrest some anxiety problems, which may be one of the reasons for his chewing behaviors. A lot of exercises will wear the dog out, focusing on resting and elevating his mood by releasing endorphins.

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