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Important Dog Commands Every Pooch Should Know

Whether you have a brand-new puppy or an older pooch, there are some basic dog commands that your pet should know in order to ensure that you both have a happy, healthy relationship. While some breeds or specific dogs are trained to do things like sniff out drugs or cancer, every dog should be aware of key commands that will keep them safe and keep their owners confident. Here are a few basic dog commands that your pooch should learn whether it’s through our training classes or something you plan to teach them on your own.

  • Name recognition: Of course, it’s impossible to train your dog unless they know their name. The first and most basic of all dog commands is name recognition so that your pup understands their name whenever you need to get their attention. This simple command is the basis of all the rest, so start by reinforcing communications with your dog by using his name often.

  • Sit: Teach your dog how to sit on command so that they’re more obedient and much calmer. When your dog knows this command, you can start to tweak it by lengthening the duration of sit time, or by showing him how to sit regardless of distractions around him.

  • Down: Another of several important dog commands is to show your dog how to stay in a downward position. This command is particularly helpful if you need your dog to stay calm and relaxed when he’s around other people. The term down means your dog should stay until you release them and give them permission to get up and move around.

  • Heel: Dragging your dog on a walk or being dragged is never a fun experience. The heel dog commands show your best friend how to walk beside you instead of pulling or tugging at the leash. Showing your dog how to walk at a reasonable pace will make your walks together a lot more fun, and you’ll bond in the process. You can use a rewards-based system to teach your dog how to walk at a good pace next to you, rather than too far in front of or behind you.

  • Place: This command shows your dog how to go sit or lie down in a specific area. It can be their bed, the doghouse, or a specific corner of the room. When you show your dog the place command, he will learn how to calm down and settle in until he’s more relaxed. This command is almost like hitting the pause button on your dog so he can settle down and regroup.

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