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Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Shelter Dog

Congratulations! You have decided to bring a pet into your family. The next big choice is whether you should adopt a dog from a shelter or purchase one from a pet store? Why should you adopt a shelter dog? A dog from a shelter is just as capable of filling your home with love as a store-bought puppy can. This article will highlight the top 5 reasons you should bring a pet home from the shelter.

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

1. You’ll be saving more than one life.

I am sure you have heard the old adage of “who saved who” before in reference to adopted pets. By adopting a dog from a shelter, you will be bringing home a friend for life. Your dog will be a lifelong loyal companion.

By adopting a dog, you’ll also be making room for another dog in the shelter. There are so many dogs who need a loving place to go. You will be giving another dog a chance at finding his fur-ever home.

2. There is no need to worry about a connection.

Dogs have so much love to give, especially shelter dogs. People have a worry that if they adopt a dog from the shelter, it will be hard for them to connect, but that is simply not the case. Shelter dogs sit just waiting for a human to share their love with.

3. You will live an active lifestyle.

No matter the size of your new dog, you will have to add activity to your schedule. Dogs require a lot of work. They need to be walked, played with, and get adequate exercise. Adopting a shelter dog is the perfect excuse if you are looking for a reason to become motivated.

4. Adopting a shelter dog will cost you less.

If you were to purchase a new puppy from a pet store, the cost could be as much as $2,000.00 depending on the dog. That price usually doesn’t include vaccines, microchips, or spaying or neutering. Suppose you were to adopt a shelter dog. In that case, the cost of all those things is usually included in the adoption fee.

5. You can potentially bring home a house-trained pet.

There are many senior dogs in shelters, and many of them are already housebroken. If you were to bring home a shelter dog, you would also be protecting your carpet and furniture besides saving a life. Many of the dogs that are in shelters can also sit and stay. It will also make for an easy introduction to bringing a mature dog into your home.


There is only one guarantee if you were to adopt a shelter dog, and that is that you are making the best decision for yourself and your family. Bringing a pet into your family can be a significant change. But, if you are ready for it, you will embark on a journey full of loyalty, love, and adventure.

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